-Who I am-

-Hey there!! :D My name is Paula. I am 18 years old and from Germany. To become a dancer was always a huuuuuuge dream of mine. Applying to an amazing dance school I wasn´t sure where this journey would take me. So here I am starting my first blog about my journey as a future dancer  (Hopefully *Crossed fingers*). This blog will mainly revolve around dance. But might also contain lifestyle/fashion/makeup and other things I am interested in. As I am a bloody helpless starter to this blogging world I don´t want to discriminate or offend anyone with my content. All in all thanks for stopping by. Maybe we can share some interests. 

  Photos are taken by my wonderful boyfriend Nils Nedel you can check his pictures out here
  --> https://www.instagram.com/nilsnedel/?hl=en

  Love, Paula <3 


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